Daily Art by Marie Milne

I painted a person…

The lion looks good.

pastel on paper, 9×12 in


Small Jemez Pot

Pastel on paper, 4×4 in

My favorite shoes (again)

Pastel on paper, 8×12 in

Lemon in the Mirror

Pastel on paper, 4×4 in

Calla Lily


Lime and Banana

Pastel on 6×11 in paper

I’m happy with the banana!

An Apple a Day

Pastel on LaCarte paper, 6×5 in

This is my first time playing with LaCarte paper, instead of Mi Tientes, it’s amazing!  Blending is harder, but everything else is so much easier.  I think I’ll need to choose my color of paper more carefully in the future or lay down the background before the foreground.  Overall I’m moderately happy with it.  Also, I’m feeling inspired again.  I moved my studio out of the living room and into a spare bedroom this weekend, which  is great, not least because I can shut my dog out.  I’ll be back to dialy posting now!

Color play + back from vacation!

Pastel on paper, 5.5×8 in

I’m taking two classes for the next eight weeks, this is my homework for the class on color in pastel.

In other news, I’m back from Seattle and Hawaii.  I thought that I was going to do a lot of art while I was there… but I didn’t.  It’s good to be settled back in at home.

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