4 x 4 in Oil on Gessoes Panel

My uncle gave me a set of six carved and painted wooden elephants as a young kid.  I love them.

Wow!  Wet on wet oil is way different then egg tempera.  For one thing, it’s a lot bigger!  I thought I was going to get really detailed, but I ended up just trying to get the dots in, I was not putting much control into the shapes.  Maybe some bristle brushes would help?  I’ve been using synthetic ones that are great for ,blending, but maybe not for this.  I’m happy with the blacks.  The cadmium yellow is a bit much and I think the composition would be improved by changing the shadow up.  The elephant has some cool ridges on her head, I’m not pleased with how those turned out.  My biggest lesson going foreword is to put more paint on the palette.